For some time now I have been offering editing and consulting services to other aspiring non-fiction authors, especially in the fields of spirituality, psychology, self-help, and other related disciplines.

I offer a full range of services, including initial conceptualization and planning, proposal construction and preparation, structural and line editing of written text—as well as practical help in seeking an agent or publisher, or in self-publishing on sites such as Amazon.  I can provide the necessary skills and coaching for a project from inception to final publication and beyond.

I am currently working on two major projects.  The first is a major book by a well-known Buddhist teacher on compassion practices; the second is a book by an eminent psychiatrist about his unique and highly successful clinical method, which he has honed during a lifetime of therapeutic practice.

Now I am actively seeking one, perhaps two, new clients; I believe my extensive experience working with major trade publishers such as Penguin and Random House—as well as top-tier New York agents–makes me exceptionally well qualified to help authors achieve the maximum financial and readership benefit for their work.

If you are interested in discussing your project with me, please respond using the Contact Page of this website, or call me at 415 847 8778.