Lewis Richmond is a person of many accomplishments, as a musician, author and documentary film producer.

Award Winning Author

Lewis is the author of four books, including the national best-seller Work as a Spiritual Practice and the recent award-winning Aging as a Spiritual Practice: A Contemplative Guide to Growing Older and Wiser.  Click the links on the right to purchase his books.  His latest book, Every Breath, New Chances: A Guide To Aging for Men and the Women who Love Them will be published in 2020 by North Atlantic Books.

Aging Blog

Click here for LEW’S AGING BLOG, a forum for topics related to Lewis’ books on Aging and related research and information.


Lewis is a pianist and composer, and has issues 4 CDs and a DVD of his original compositions.  You can listen to samples of his piano music on this website and also purchase downloadable tracks of his music here.

Melanthium Ensemble and Melanthium Films

This five-piece ensemble of top Bay Area musicians plays Lewis’ original music for selected live venues and film soundtracks.  Melanthium Films produces visionary documentary films that feature its music. Visit the Melanthium website for more information.

Social Media

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