Every Breath, New Chances

How to Age with Honor and Dignity
A Guide for Men

If you are a man over 50, I want to talk to you about aging well.

Maybe you think aging is just a drag. Most men don’t want to talk or even think about it. As we age certain aspects of our life go slowly downhill—our physical strength, our virility, our stamina, our memory and mental acuity.

But other qualities rise up to replace them.

I think aging is a hero’s path, one that requires courage and purpose and a brave heart. Next to finding love, aging well is probably our best and highest calling.

In my 72 years I’ve been through some scary times, but show me a real hero who isn’t scared sometimes. There are days when I wake up and don’t like the truth that I see in the mirror, but show me a real hero who turns his back on the truth, whatever it may be.

The truth is, we’re getting older, day by day and year by year, and one day we will breathe our last and be gone; and all that we have ever loved will disappear in a puff of smoke. I’ve spent decades meditating on these facts, and I’ve been declared as good as dead more than once by my doctors. Fortunately, they were wrong.

I’ve written a book just for you called Every Breath, New Chances: How to Age with Honor and Dignity–A Guide for Men, published by North Atlantic Books in November 2020. I’m here to help you fully prosper in the life you have today, and in the anticipation of the good life you can have tomorrow and into the future.

The one thing all heroes need is good companions. I’m here to offer you that. I hope you’ll join me and others who are on the path! Watch a 3 minute video of me describing the book in more detail.

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