Lewis offers services as a freelance editor for non-fiction book manuscripts, magazine articles, blog posts, content creation and editing both business and personal, and humanizing and naturalizing AI generated content. His skills include structural and strategic shaping, style refinement and coaching, and line editing. Lewis is noted by book reviewers and clients for his clear and compelling writing style.  Lewis owned and managed a software company for 25 years and has skills in business content creation.

He charges by the hour or by the project. To contact Lewis about editing work, please leave a message on the contacts page or call 707 938 8611.

Lewis’ Editor Resume is available for viewing, printing, or download.

Current projects include a memoir by a prominent Buddhist author and a spiritual book by a progressive Christian author.

“Lewis Richmond’s editing skill made a big difference in getting the rough draft of my book to the next level. I highly recommend him.”

  • Author of a Buddhist book published 2015

“Lewis was invaluable in creating an idiomatic English version of my Swedish original manuscript.  Native English speakers who read it were quite impressed.”

  • Author of a business book for woman entrepreneurs

“Lewis took an overlarge manuscript and winnowed it down to the essence.”

  • Social Worker with a book about teenagers